March 12, 2010

"you can have it all and wrap it up in the world, oh you can have everything"

Oh. What a week ey? I've been half thrown up on little pink fluffy clouds half worrying sick about my grandma. It's day by day, hour by hour for me right now. And I think my housmates really have been puzzled this week. But you know, they are the sweetest ever. Really.

So now I'm all focused on things that makes me happy. Like going to the cinema enjoying the darkness even though the film stinks. Or eating carrots with hoummos. Or reading Jonathan Safran Foer for hours. Or listening to The Kooks See The Sun over and over till my ears bleed. Or buying a new outfit for tonight. Or making a huge, I really do mean HUGE lasagna for all my sweet boys that have taken care of me all week. Or just hanging out here. All day.

And to top things out we're going out tonight. I think I'm gonna love it. I know I will with all these amazing people around me.

Have a great Friday night bitches. I know I will!

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