March 22, 2010

"we can get down like there's no one around"

About this running business of mine. See, it's difficult for me becase I truly, truly hate running. It kills me from the inside.

Mostly I think I hate it because I get bored of running the same bloomin' track every frickin' time. B to the O to the RING.

And then we have the problem with music. Everyone seems to run with their Ipod. It makes it easier they say. But see that creates new problems for me. Firstly, I have absolutely no upbeat music on my Itunes. And secondly I have freakishly small ears so the headphones just keeps popping out. But I've managed stay calm and not get irritated, just take a deep breath every 2 minutes and put them back in. (Perseverance my friends. That's the word).

But again. The music. I have now been running for four weeks to the sweet sound of Britney Spears. (Who put that on my Itunes?) And it kills me even more. Britney?! Come on! So when I got a package from Maya last week filled with beautiful letters and our favourite tea and a CD with her running music it was like she had heard me complaining from across the world.

This morning's half an hour run was the easiest in two weeks. Thank you Maya. Thank you playlist with no Britney.


  1. Det går inte att springa till musik - då MÅSTE man springa i takt, vilket för det mesta är värdelöst. Jag rekommenderar talböcker :D Gärna lätta böcker som inte spelar så stor roll om man plötsligt funderade över taltrasten som flög förbi (eller i ditt fall de galna mag piesarna) och inte lyssnade i nån minut...

  2. Unplug. That's my advise. Listen to the wind in the trees, hear the traffic, enjoy the surroundings. I LOVE RUNNING!