March 10, 2010

"there's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be"

Wow it's hot here in Brissy today. Sunny, and hot, hot, hot.

When I haven't been sitting outside in the sun I have been playing with paper. Zaha Hadid style. (Well, mine looks like shit in comparison but you get the idea.) And one thing that strikes me is that I really miss living with Emma and Rhona. In our flat it was okay to spend a whole day lying on the floor cutting into paper. Here, in the house of 46 Heidelberg Street, everyone. Listen to me: e v e r y o n e is an engineer. Do you think they make fun of my cutting and colouring and drawing. Mhm sista, yes they do.

But I made a concept model of a shelter for the heat that has photovoltaics on top and Islamic patterns cut into it so it makes nice shadows on the ground. Super Ivan laughs. I say I'm awesome. (Oh, and yes. Calm down, it's not the final product. I will not have pictures of Canadian towels and pink bikinis when I actually present it.)

Tonight we're going to the cinema. And all I can say is baby steps dear readers. Baby steps...

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