February 26, 2010

"everybody says that she's looking for a shelter"

Today I feel like pulling a paper bag over my head. Crawl into the fridge. Eat everything I find and then die. Oh and before I die I'm never gonna drink ever again.

But boy was it a good night last night! Went with some friends to a club in The Valley, that's where the cool kids hang out, you see. I love going out with a truly good bunch of fun people. Fun, fun, fun. And if they are cute and from Norway that's just a bonus. This is how it works here: if the men in Australia are not from Australia they are either German or Norwegian. And if they are Norwegian, they are most oftenly very cute. See, that's like the ultimate combo. Cute and Norwegian. Mmm. Oh, if God had just the one purpose it was to create cute Norwegian men for me to meet.

Funniest all night though was Frank. Frank is not Norwegian. Frank is from Greece. He doesn't know where in Greece he was born. Couldn't dance the zorba. Said his favourite dish was lasagna when he ment moussaka. And weirdest of all Frank has a German accent. Frank is not from Greece. Frank is German. But Frank believes he is Greek. Poor Frank. He didn't get a single girl altough he tried so hard with his made up mediterranean charm. But Frank doesn't give up. It's apparently a Greek trait. Never give up, always keep trying. I hope I meet Frank again. He made my day.

February 21, 2010

"if i could offer you only one tip for the future. sunscreen. would. be. it"

So I burnt myself today. Yup. And quite badly at that. But that's what I do every summer. Burn myself so bad I can't sit, or stand or lie down. But then after two days I have the best sunburn ever. And yes. I did wear sunscreen, it didn't matter. It never does for me.

And tomorrow my classes start. I get to have one class with the architects this semester. I sure hope they live up to my expectations. They have to wear black on black, have dark rimmed glasses, neat hairstyles, be super skinny, and most important, they always, always have a folder under their arms. That's what I envision. If they don't look like that I'll change to something else.

Oh, and it's now official. I have the worst memory in the history of time. I can't remember anyone's name. I know Veronica the Swedish girl. And Nick the chatty Dutch guy. But that's it. That's two out of 11 people I live with. I'm so rude, or unfocused. Let's go with unfocused, it's not as sad.

February 20, 2010

"i was slicing up an avocado and you came up behind me with your brand new silent sneakers your refection i did not see"

Okay, so on being healtier. You see, I have a wedding to attend to in May, so I need to look hot. So that's my plan of action. May=Hot.

So to match my now non-existing appetite (you go ahead and try to be hungry when it's 35 degrees outside, try it and you'll see what I mean) I went out running this morning. Oh yes I did. And did I die after three minutes? Yes. It's so humid here I have trouble breating when sitting down, so it maybe wasn't the greatest of ideas. But as we say in Sweden, trägen vinner. So I kept on going. Who cares if I suffocate, I'll look damn good when I'm dead.

So that's my plan now, wake up early, go for a 20 min run and then eat one avocado. Do you want me to tell you about the avocados here? Oh yes you do. They are out of this world. Oh heaven on earth how good they are. I might marry an avocado farmer and move to Australia for ever and ever. Screw landscape architecture, as long as I can eat those avocados every day I'm a happy camper.

February 18, 2010

"how many special people change? how many lives are living strange?

Just moved into my room on 46 Heidelberg Street. It's as amazing as I thought it would be. Although, I must say I kind of envisioned myself moving in with 10 hot Aussies. Well three German guys and a Dutch man/boy will do for now. I mean, if any are the Australian of Europe it must be the Germans right? Haha. Maybe not. Oh well, I like sauerkraut. I really do, and since I'm now vegeterian except for one meal every week I think it all might just work out well.

I took this picture the other day just for the sole reason that this plant has the most beautiful name. Bougainvillea. That's how you name a plant guys.

Well, I need to get going now folks, have to catch the ferry (!) to uni.

February 16, 2010

"you sat like stormy weather from my window sill"

It’s raining here in Brisbane today. Thought I moved away from the rain when I left Scotland but apparently not. But it rains in a totally different way here. In a more respectable way. It’s not drizzling or just blowing around like it does in Scotland. Oh no. It rains full on, monsoon style with heavy thunder and lightning. The kind of thunder that makes me wonder if I should seek up some sort of underground shelter so I wont get killed by a falling palm tree, and after that I'll hook up with the first man I see. You know, just in case I never make it out again alive but the in the heat of the moment made child might. So why not try to make one, we might all die, we might not. And if I do find a shelter and a man, how long will him and I and our unborn child stay alive on the one bottle of water, two apples and the pack of chewing gum I have in my bag?

That kind of rain is the kind of rain I like. The thunder that makes you shiver but is exciting at the same time.

I will enjoy it for a little bit more. Like a day or two. Then I'm gonna start complaining.

“i am an artist, i am an art bitch. i sell my paintings to the men i eat.”

Trying to be a healthier, sexier and generally better person 2010 I decided to join my cousin Hanna’s postcard swap in an attempt to be a bit more artsy. It all went okay I guess, quite proud of my ten postcards that I now have sent off to England, USA, New Zealand and Norway.

About becoming healthier and sexier.. Well I’ll keep you posted on that.

February 13, 2010

"i can't get to sleep, i think about the implications"

So I've been here now for two days. And I'm loving it.
Arrived on Thursday night and 12 hours later with 3 hours of sleep and no food I had enrolled at uni, sorted everything out with cards and passwords and classes and maps and information and free rain coats.. AND I also managed to find a room in the cutest house ever. Garden, bbq, flat screen tvs, sofas outside, private entrance to my room and everything refurbished a week ago. I'm awesome. Brisbane is awesome.

The only thing that's not so good right now is my sleep. I'm more jetlagged than I want to admit. I want to pretend that I am so amazing so I can adjust to the 9 hour time difference like it was like making a bit of toast. But I'm totally wrecked. Fell asleep 6 pm last night and woke up at 4.30 this morning. But lets not talk about that. Let's pretend I spent my first Friday night in Brisbane partying like there was no tomorrow.. Yeah, please, lets pretend.

Funniest thing this far: Met a Swedish girl called Fanny. Never thought about how hillarious that name is in English, poor Fanny. Stupid parents.

Well I only have four days left here at my hotel before I move in to my new room. So if you need me for anything you can find me at the pool.