February 16, 2010

"you sat like stormy weather from my window sill"

It’s raining here in Brisbane today. Thought I moved away from the rain when I left Scotland but apparently not. But it rains in a totally different way here. In a more respectable way. It’s not drizzling or just blowing around like it does in Scotland. Oh no. It rains full on, monsoon style with heavy thunder and lightning. The kind of thunder that makes me wonder if I should seek up some sort of underground shelter so I wont get killed by a falling palm tree, and after that I'll hook up with the first man I see. You know, just in case I never make it out again alive but the in the heat of the moment made child might. So why not try to make one, we might all die, we might not. And if I do find a shelter and a man, how long will him and I and our unborn child stay alive on the one bottle of water, two apples and the pack of chewing gum I have in my bag?

That kind of rain is the kind of rain I like. The thunder that makes you shiver but is exciting at the same time.

I will enjoy it for a little bit more. Like a day or two. Then I'm gonna start complaining.


  1. Man lär ju inte kunna bli dödad av en palm i huvudet i Skottland i af. Möjligen en eller annan gran, men det är fan inte lika exotiskt! ;-)