February 26, 2010

"everybody says that she's looking for a shelter"

Today I feel like pulling a paper bag over my head. Crawl into the fridge. Eat everything I find and then die. Oh and before I die I'm never gonna drink ever again.

But boy was it a good night last night! Went with some friends to a club in The Valley, that's where the cool kids hang out, you see. I love going out with a truly good bunch of fun people. Fun, fun, fun. And if they are cute and from Norway that's just a bonus. This is how it works here: if the men in Australia are not from Australia they are either German or Norwegian. And if they are Norwegian, they are most oftenly very cute. See, that's like the ultimate combo. Cute and Norwegian. Mmm. Oh, if God had just the one purpose it was to create cute Norwegian men for me to meet.

Funniest all night though was Frank. Frank is not Norwegian. Frank is from Greece. He doesn't know where in Greece he was born. Couldn't dance the zorba. Said his favourite dish was lasagna when he ment moussaka. And weirdest of all Frank has a German accent. Frank is not from Greece. Frank is German. But Frank believes he is Greek. Poor Frank. He didn't get a single girl altough he tried so hard with his made up mediterranean charm. But Frank doesn't give up. It's apparently a Greek trait. Never give up, always keep trying. I hope I meet Frank again. He made my day.

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