February 21, 2010

"if i could offer you only one tip for the future. sunscreen. would. be. it"

So I burnt myself today. Yup. And quite badly at that. But that's what I do every summer. Burn myself so bad I can't sit, or stand or lie down. But then after two days I have the best sunburn ever. And yes. I did wear sunscreen, it didn't matter. It never does for me.

And tomorrow my classes start. I get to have one class with the architects this semester. I sure hope they live up to my expectations. They have to wear black on black, have dark rimmed glasses, neat hairstyles, be super skinny, and most important, they always, always have a folder under their arms. That's what I envision. If they don't look like that I'll change to something else.

Oh, and it's now official. I have the worst memory in the history of time. I can't remember anyone's name. I know Veronica the Swedish girl. And Nick the chatty Dutch guy. But that's it. That's two out of 11 people I live with. I'm so rude, or unfocused. Let's go with unfocused, it's not as sad.

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