February 20, 2010

"i was slicing up an avocado and you came up behind me with your brand new silent sneakers your refection i did not see"

Okay, so on being healtier. You see, I have a wedding to attend to in May, so I need to look hot. So that's my plan of action. May=Hot.

So to match my now non-existing appetite (you go ahead and try to be hungry when it's 35 degrees outside, try it and you'll see what I mean) I went out running this morning. Oh yes I did. And did I die after three minutes? Yes. It's so humid here I have trouble breating when sitting down, so it maybe wasn't the greatest of ideas. But as we say in Sweden, trägen vinner. So I kept on going. Who cares if I suffocate, I'll look damn good when I'm dead.

So that's my plan now, wake up early, go for a 20 min run and then eat one avocado. Do you want me to tell you about the avocados here? Oh yes you do. They are out of this world. Oh heaven on earth how good they are. I might marry an avocado farmer and move to Australia for ever and ever. Screw landscape architecture, as long as I can eat those avocados every day I'm a happy camper.

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