June 13, 2010

fully hungover but only half vulcan

So I'm slightly, slightly hungover today. Slightly.

But I have an awesome hangover tradition. A bottle of Pepsi Max. Because it's the best. And my elf ears. And then Star Trek. Ah sweet lovely Star Trek. Been a fan since like forever but I never told anyone... I didn't want anyone to laugh at me.

But today I could only fit one ear on. Since my left ear is sore and a bit swollen.. Hrm. Total impulse thing.. Mom, I wont do anymore. For a while at least...

So with only one pointy ear I'm only half Vulcan today. Just like Spock. But he has two pointy ears. Ah.. You get what I'm trying to say right?

sorry, it's in swedish.

Asså, jag vet ju att jag är nördig och så va. Men är inte den här kombon av vännersuggestions den roligaste ever?

Och varför har Linda Skugge addat mig som vän? Vågade inte säga nej. Det är ju Linda Skugge liksom. Hon är ju typ gud.

June 10, 2010

love is in the air..

Haha. Love the love. People, go out and spread the love! But watch Rugby instead...

June 8, 2010

"and we dance dance dance like the children dance"

Because today has just been filled with revelations I give you the cutest music video since like forever dude.

You can thank me later.

June 7, 2010

i was gonna...

... sleep for as long as I could today because I woke up at 6 am yesterday to finish my projects. And I did finish them! So I was planning on having a celebratory lie in today. It's 7.45. How well do you think I did?


June 6, 2010


Today I'm angry. Don't know why. Oh well I do. It's this damn construction thing. H to the A to the TE it.

So I thought I'd dress like a bitch and maybe that would make me calmer. Like if I look like one I don't have to act like one. 11.30 and I must say it's working. Or is it?

June 5, 2010

i'm boooored

Oh what an extremely booooring weekend. I just want to make party like the Germans say. All night long, dancing, dancing and being happy. But no. I have to stay at home. I have to. But my body is aking for some fun. Well, well, Tuesday peeps, Tuesday. That's when the construction hell hole is over. Tuesday.

This morning though was a bit different. Every Saturday we take turns in making breakfast here in the house. I made savoury scones, Veronica went to IKEA and got us Swedish cheese and knäckebröd and Taylor and Bianca made us American pancakes. Today it was Jade's turn, so we had cantonese dim sum and dumpling soup with dried mini shrimps and seaweed. I've never had seaweed for breakfast, that's for sure. Interesting..!

Anywhosers. Have to stop taking breaks now. (Tuesday.. Tuesday.. Tuesday.. It's my mantra.)

June 4, 2010


I have fallen in love with a thing. (Or is it a thing when it doesn't exist physically?) Alright, I fell in love with a thought? Creativity?

I'm in love. And every time I press that little arrow I fall in love again.

June 3, 2010

flickr favs may

These are my favourites in May. Likey, likey? Me likey a lot.

1. Owl collage I, 2. stay, 3. pictureeee., 4. Untitled, 5. Untitled, 6. wanderlust., 7. Untitled, 8. one speed, 9. my table, this second., 10. Untitled, 11. asparagus, 12. Untitled, 13. Bird Houses / 20071230.10D.46705 / SML, 14. outakeeee! (explore), 15. Untitled, 16. Untitled, 17. are you?, 18. (281/365), 19. Eggs, 20. Antique French Print, 21. -, 22. Untitled, 23. Untitled, 24. Untitled, 25. not for all the love in the world, 26. Untitled, 27. (80/365), 28. (83/365) {front page!!!}, 29. Lunes, 30. Buen día, 31. Vi gråter, 32. Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things, 33. Crocus in a cup, 34. Cupcake Close-up, 35. Shabby Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows, 36. 365-193 The Vennel, Browns Place, with view of Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Scotland at Dusk

"i wanna build buildings high for you"

Oh jezz. I do hate construction. Thought I had it almost done but found out I have another 15 drawings to make. I'm trying not to panic here.. It's gonna be a long weekend peeps.

Today I'm thankful that L's operation went well. Been worried like hell about that. Is that the reason I haven't been sleeping well?

Today I'm getting ear plugs because I sure can't keep waking up everytime a bird flies past my window. It's exhausting...

See ya laterz aligaterz.