February 13, 2010

"i can't get to sleep, i think about the implications"

So I've been here now for two days. And I'm loving it.
Arrived on Thursday night and 12 hours later with 3 hours of sleep and no food I had enrolled at uni, sorted everything out with cards and passwords and classes and maps and information and free rain coats.. AND I also managed to find a room in the cutest house ever. Garden, bbq, flat screen tvs, sofas outside, private entrance to my room and everything refurbished a week ago. I'm awesome. Brisbane is awesome.

The only thing that's not so good right now is my sleep. I'm more jetlagged than I want to admit. I want to pretend that I am so amazing so I can adjust to the 9 hour time difference like it was like making a bit of toast. But I'm totally wrecked. Fell asleep 6 pm last night and woke up at 4.30 this morning. But lets not talk about that. Let's pretend I spent my first Friday night in Brisbane partying like there was no tomorrow.. Yeah, please, lets pretend.

Funniest thing this far: Met a Swedish girl called Fanny. Never thought about how hillarious that name is in English, poor Fanny. Stupid parents.

Well I only have four days left here at my hotel before I move in to my new room. So if you need me for anything you can find me at the pool.

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