March 30, 2010

"so try your best. and think about it later"

Such an awsomely random day.

Didn't set my alarm. Woke up at 6.40 am. Had breakfast outside. Decided to skip uni work for a couple of hours to finish my book. The History of Love. The last chapter literally took the breath out of me. Had to sit still thinking about love and life for a long time. Didn't get any wiser. Just more confused. Did some maps and such for uni. Decided that was boring. Have no inspiration at the mo. Counted the mosquito bites on my feet. Counted to 9. On the left foot alone. Noticed I don't have any mosquito bites anywhere else on my body. My feet must taste good. Had lunch. Tobi The Undertaker thought it was dessert. I said no. It's yoghurt. Did some more assignments. Still no inspiration. Went for a run. Decided to run a bit further than usual. Ran in to a neighbourhood that smelled like poo. Ran a bit faster. Posted a letter. Had a shower.

That's my day up til now. Thought I'd spice things up even more by getting some sushi for dinner. Sushi is the best thing in the world. Well, making out is better. And popcorn too. Oooh and getting postcards. Okay. Sushi is the fourth best thing in the world.


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