March 31, 2010

"i don't have to sell my soul. he's already in me"

Today was a big day. I've been feeling for quite some time that all this running have been paying off. And today I got confirmation for it. I bought a pair of jeans. JEANS PEOPLE! That was the first time in over three years. How great isn't that? I'm thrilled. I even asked the girl in the store if they weren't suppose to be a baggy model, thinking that the baggy would be thight on me. But no. "They are a slim fit. You sure you don't want a size smaller?" Haha. But I still have a bit to go. But we'll continue after Easter right?

Oh. The little things that make me happy. Didn't I say last week that Wednesdays are the best days? To celebrate that I'm gonna listen all evening to my all time favourite song. Yes I am.


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