March 21, 2010

"if everything could ever feel this real forever"

Sorry for being so silent for a couple of days. But I've been busy. Skived uni on Friday to go to the beach instead. It was definitely the right choice. I'm only living in Australia once right? And yesterday I studied the whole day making up for what I missed on Friday. Haha. I'm clever. I know.

For a couple of days I've been struggling with ridiculous home sickness. It's all very odd. I didn't think I would miss home. But I do. I'm blaming it all on Maya. The letter she wrote me just made me cry for ages and realize how much I miss her. How much I miss Scotland. And Sweden. My family. My friends. My grandma. My man..

But I'm glad I have Veronica here in the house. She keeps me sane.

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