March 1, 2010

"why does it always rain on me?"

I won a chocolate today during my lecture. How fun is that?! Amazingly fun I tell ya. I was the first out of 200 that guessed that a mucho blurry picture was Paris. Haha! You untravelled youth of Australia. Cry in the shadow of my glory. I gave the chocolate away, took another sugar free gum and made vegeterian chilli for dinner. Yes. Oh yes I'm a good girl now. Couldn't go out running tonight though. Too dark and too rainy when I got home. But I'm not gonna tell you that it has been raining for two weeks and that they said on the news that this is the wettest summer for 30 years. Nope. The sun is always shining in the Sunshine State. Always.

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  1. "Cry in the shadow of my glory" - I love it!