March 16, 2010

"i heard it from my friends. about the things you said"

This is my Tuesday homies. A very good day indeed. Spent mostly in the wonderful company of myself.

7 am. Breakfast in the morning sun.

8 am. The book is hilarious. Kept reading. Couldn't stop.

9 am. Did som studying and bought that super crazy thing I was talking about.. Wiha!

11 am. Went out running. Hot, hot, hot outside.

12 pm. Painted my nails and read som more Safran Foer. (Hands are so ugly. Except for well sculpted man hands.. Mmm.)

13 pm. Took photos of our house for you all to see later in a wee film I'm making.

14 pm. Lunch and Industrial Design.

15 pm. Made a map for the Timbuktu project. Listened to Depeche. Love Depeche. I really mean love.

18 pm. Put some makeup on so I could feel not looking like a hobo.

19 pm. Went to the store to get ingredients for my birthday cake! Happy as a camper I was.

The rest of the night we watched The Blind Side. I cried three times. And then I taught the Germans good useful words like thigh and calf. All a very pleasant Tuesday.


  1. Men shit vad snygg du är!! Älskar din blogg, älskar ditt liv! Själv läser jag bitterfittan här hemma - Patrik oroar sig över dess inflytande på bröllopsplanerna - vadar i snöslask och det mest kreativa som hänt på flera veckor är att vattna blommorna... Och, håller helt med om händerna!

  2. En vacker och solbräbd Lotta. Helvete vad ávis jag är. ;) MEN, jag får iaf vara i södertälje den här veckan. (för de är ju så roligt) ;)


    / Bella