March 27, 2010

"sponsored by destiny"

I have a feeling about the summer that's coming. I know it's gonna be a great one. I can feel it in me booones.

Just like the best summer ever. The summer of 2007.

The summer Emelie and I went on a road trip all over Sweden.

The summer of the 100 festivals.

The summer I had tonsillitis twice but just drank more wine so I couldn't feel it.

The summer when the sun was shining every day.

The summer when we didn't listen to anything else except Orup and Slagsmålsklubben.

The summer I wore pink wellies with roses on every day.

The summer I heard Detektivbyrån for the first time and everyone cried during their concert.

The summer we didn't eat a single hot meal.

The summer when I met the cutest boy with the softest lips.

The summer I didn't care that it was never gonna work out.

By far the best summer yet.

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