March 6, 2010

"i just like to smile. smiling is my favourite"

It feels like things has changed in me since I moved here. I'm a truly happy gal now. It's weird. I don't do happy as a wise man named Colin told me a couple of months ago. But you see, I think I do. Just wanted to share that with you. For no other reason than that I like being happy. This is me.

We went out again on Thursday. The Norwegian society's pubcrawl. Oh it was messy. But heyho how fun it was. It started at 6 pm and I think we came home around 3 in the morning. That's a lot of hours of drinking, peeps. Oh. Don't tell my grandma please.. She thinks I'm a well behaved girl. Oh I really am going to hell right?

Oh, well. I've finally been to a place called the Down Under Bar and it was just as tacky yet amazing as I've heard. Five minutes after entering the door people were getting naked on the dance floor for the chance of winning 100 dollars. Mmm. Love it.

And then when we got home after hours of dancing and drinking. I found a package for me in the living room. Oh. The joy of getting a package. It was heaps of salt liquorice. From my wonderful brother. He's the bestest in the whole wide world. And while Super Ivan laughed at my childish happiness over a bag of candy I had a piece of Tyrkisk Peber and felt like crying of joy.

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