March 2, 2010

"it seems today that all you see is violence in movies, and sex on t.v."

Today the sun has been shining all day to the extent that it almost bored me.

No, okay. My grandma told me it is wrong to lie. It has been raining all day. ALL DAY without a stop. Parts of Brisbane are now flooded and people are being evacuated from their homes. But not us, cause we live on the slope of a hill. Wooha! And down that hill is the river. So before 46 Heidelberg Street is flooded the river has to rise about ten metres. Highly unlikely. I hope.

But I went running anyways, you know how life is down in healthy Australia. Can't blame the rain, your fat ass ain't gonna dissapear on its own. 1.5 laps took 25 minutes. What is happening? I'm already getting that fast that one lap took me 20 minutes when I first started a week and a half ago and now 1.5 takes 25? Oh well. Nothing to complain about I guess. Tomorrow: 2 laps.

Now I'm gonna head back into the wonderful world of Family Guy. Oh the joy that Brian gives me. Who needs a man when you have Family Guy?

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