March 1, 2010

"so we hold each other tightly and hold on for tomorrow"

The weekend was a good weekend. It had a little of everything. Like a candy pick'n'mix. Just like a weekend should be like.

On Friday night we were all so stupidly tired from the partying the night before so we stayed in and watched a film.
Saturday morning we went on a trip with uni to a zoo and then to the beach. It rained. The. Whole. Bloomin. Day. But anywho, it was a good day although I'm not a huge fan of animals enclosed in small, small boxes. It makes me sad. And then I feel like smashing the glass boxes and save the animals. And then I think that maybe that's not the best of ideas and then I feel confused. And then I want to go home.

On Saturday night we went out to the Valley again. We didn't get in at The Met, cause Ivan had converse on. Stupid Super Ivan. So we went on a search for the best substitute club. First a club where everyone was 18. Then one where everyone was 35. And then we thought we had found our club. Planet. It had it all from the outside. It looked like everyting you'd ever dreamt of. But on the inside it was full of half naked men. Haha. Not what we had expected. The guys were scared. But I had fun. The true fag hag I am.

Then at 3 we took a bus home. It took 2 hours. Plus a 30 min walk. Walking straight from the Valley takes 25. Taxi 5. It's all Super Ivan's fault. But it was fun, at least now I know how the suburbs of Brisbane looks like and also I know which bus not to take. All to the better I suppose.

Sunday was spent in our back yard reading in the sun. Mmm. And I went for a run of course. In an attempt to burn some calories from all the beer. I ran like hell, so easy now when I'm used to the heat. Tomorrow: Two laps.

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