March 3, 2010

"a man walks down a street, he says why am i soft in the middle?"

I know some of you want to skype with me. Sorry guys. Aint gonna happen. The internet here in the house is so frickin slow. Especially down in my room. So email me instead. Or call me on my Swedish phone. Or better yet. Send me a letter. Oh yes, yes yes. Please do. I'm the best penpal ever.

Oh boy, have I been super duper efficient today. Woke up, read 50 pages in my book. Had breakfast. Made research and put a pdf together in InDesign for my presentation tomorrow on cool things like this. Then some work on my portfolio project that I still have in Edinburgh. Lunch. Then sent an email to a woman about an internship this fall. Wrote a letter to the best cousin in the whole world. Then the sun came out for 30 minutes so I put my bikini on and enjoyed the sun whilst drawing buildings in my sketch book. Then it started raining, and I probably don't have to tell you what I did for the next 30 minutes? Yep. 2 laps.

And I just want to remind you that in exactly 2 weeks it's my birthday. So If you're wondering where you're gonna send that beautiful birthday card you made me this weekend then my address is:

46 Heidelberg Street
East Brisbane
QLD 4169

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