April 28, 2010

"straighten up and fly right"

This is how excited I am! Wiha! I love flying. And airports are just the best places in the world. Airports are like some sort of utopitarian community where everyone's emotions and excitment are so obvious. And the beer is always cold and the shops are always full of friendly people.

So I'm a truly happy gal today! Flying home to Sweden for three days from the other side of the world. I feel like a true globetrotter.

Everyone in Sweden: Jag landar 7 imorgon bitti. Ring om ni vill ha en kram.

Everyone in Oz: I'm back next Wednesday. You will survive without me. I know it will be hard. But you will survive.


  1. Vadå, shoppar med trevliga människor. säg som det är... massor med snygga (dyra) saker.

  2. Välkommen underbart fina du! Puss!!!

  3. Asche da - vi globetrotters maste borja planera battre - men vi far kore en virtual kram eller nat! Usch va ja saknar dig din snygga bruna blondin!!!! xoxoxo