May 3, 2010

love, lots of love. and some kiwi marmalade.

What happened this weekend I have barely any words for. Lets just say it was one of the most extraordinary weddings in history. Annika was so, so beautiful and my brother was radiating with love. And I cried. Oh I cried.

I still have all the pics on my camera, they'll be here soon(ish) promise!

This weekend has also been something of a record in how to get rid of a jetlag the fastest. After I landed four hours late on Thursday after 5 hours of sleep and 40 hours being awake and then showing my brother's American family around Swedish castles all day Friday... I must say I'm extremely proud of myself staying up till the wedding party ended at 4 am on Sunday, dancing, partying feeling the love without falling asleep. And I held my speech without making an ass out of myself and 20+ people came up to me and said it was the best speech out of all. (yay!) Proud. Me? Yup. Proud of my brother marrying the nicest girl in the world. And proud of myself for not passing out in church.

And my best tip on how to fool a jetlag? Make kiwi marmalade when you feel like sleeping. It's really the best way.


  1. Lots of love! And I'm extremely grateful that you stayed up that long, AND woke me up the next morning. Thank you my dear!

  2. And we're the most thankful married (old?) couple ever, for getting the most lovely speech, and the most beautiful tears, and helluvalot of dancing!
    Lots and lots and lots of kärlek!!

  3. Wow, I love you so much sis! Thanks for flying across the world for three days (=more time in the air than on the ground) and making my wedding the best day ever!
    I'm also impressed that you managed to stay awake. You reached the threshold at around 1:30 am, but then you crossed the border and came into the second inning and partied like hell. You're cool!