May 31, 2010


Oh I'm still tired from Saturday night. Seems like this weekend was the weekend everyone had a little bit too much champagne (haha, Emelie).. I loved and hated this weekend all at the same time. Right now I'm so, so happy I'm here in Australia living this life with these amazing people but at the same time I have to say I've never missed Sweden this much before. I just, just want to go home now. And keep Australia as a good memory before it turns and becomes something bad.

So, Australia, I still love you, but I feel this is the peak of our relationship... Better quit when we're on top, right?

1 comment:

  1. Lev i nuet. Morgondagen kan alltid bli bättre. Tänk inte på det du ev. tror dig mista. Det som är "gott" för dig finns alltid kvar.
    Älskar dig!