May 31, 2010


Okay, so I'm gonna pretend I wrote this yesterday when it actually was Mother's day in Sweden. Will you pretend with me? Thanks.

So my mother is just about the most beautiful person I know. She is one of those women that just can do anything. Sometimes I feel like she's been maybe a bit too nice to my dad, letting him have the big career, because if she would have wanted it she could have been the Swedish Minister for Education by now. That's how good a teacher she is (or so I've heard). But at the same time I'm glad she was a teacher while my brother and I grew up, it meant that we had two whole months together with her every summer. When all the other kids had to go to summer school we could just stay at home baking and drawing and do wonderful trips to the beach. So thank you for that! Truly. We had something special that other families definitely missed out on.

And now, since a few years back she is getting everything she can and want, having an important job, making important decisions but still changing the lives of the kids who need it the most. That's my mom, she really changes people's lives. And I don't know a single person who has ever not been affected by her way of moving through the world. She's like this well of wisdom, whatever the problem she has the solution. I wish I was more like her and less like my dad (sorry dad, love you) you know, calm at all times. Never freaking out, emotional and loving but steady, not with a temper like a three year old, like mine, but serene and beautiful inside and out. I hope it comes with age. Because when I grow up and raise a kid I want to be like her. Calm at all times. Thinking about the eight most precious words anyone can ever say to me, "Lotta, ta det lugnt det ordnar sig alltid". The words my mother has told me since the day I started worrying too much.

My mother is the most beautiful woman and best mother in the whole wide world. True story.


  1. Really, really nicely written! She really changing the lives of people around her in a very positive way.

  2. Älskar dig!
    Du gör mig alldelses varm inombords. Patriks kommentar likaså.
    Älskar er båda!