May 15, 2010

pop pop.


I feel like I'm gonna explode. Really. Like the Popcorn Man. I have actually met him in real life. He wanted to interview me for some political show he was sending from his own radio station. I freaked out, here I was in Visby with THE Popcorn Man. I got shit scared. He looks just like he does in the clip, and since it was a very hot day.. He was sweating just like in the clip. I got so scared that said I had a seminar to go to and disappeared. I should at least asked him for a photo...

Anywhosers. The reason I'm exploding? Well when I'm sad I eat. And when I'm stressed I eat. (It makes me focus on something else for a while.) That's why. And this week I've been both. And it was Veronica's birthday so we have had a bbq two days in a row. And then Taylor and Bianca made american panckaes for breakfast.. Hrm. Not good. Now my running shoes are going to be a part of me in my quest to run, run, run away from this week.


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