May 6, 2010

if i were on death row.

I've noticed I almost only take pictures of food. And beautiful patterns. But mostly food. And my mother made it very easy for me in keeping up my newfound hobby when I was in Sweden. She's like the best cook in the world. True story.

And you know how I talked about this.. Well I think my mother read my blog because last Friday she made me (and my brother's American "family") grilled deer with hasselback potatoes, fried chanterelles and mushroom sauce. Oh. I love my mom. I really do. If I murdered someone in Texas and I was on death row. I would ask for this for my last meal. Fortunately I don't think I have it in me to kill someone so I'm glad I can just write about it here and my mother makes it for me.

1 comment:

  1. Photographing food is really fun. A tip - over expose your food photos. That way they'll look even nicer.
    Love you!