April 18, 2010

you say potato...

I'm still lying here in my bed. Well, I've had half an hour here and there where I've done some schoolwork. But I get seriously dizzy from sitting up.

So even though I feel like throwing up I'm doing one of my favourite things.. Browsing the internet for cooking blogs. That's one of my many happy-drugs, you see. They make me want to find a rich man, any rich man, have 7 kids and just cook all days. But then I realize that that's a sad way to live your life if you do it because it seems cool and not because you want to. So then I snap out of my secret dreaming and decide to stick with becoming a successful, independent, rich by myself woman. But I still love the recipe blogs though. Like this Canadian woman who made Hasselbackspotatis. A wonderful Swedish dish. Best served with loving care by my mother together with a tender steak of deer and blackcurrant jelly. Oh and with brussel sprouts. Oh brussel sprouts.. Mmm.



  1. Stackars, stackars dig!
    Ingen som stoppar om dig och tycker synd om dig. Ingen som köper Kalle Anka och godis.
    Jo, jag tycker synd om dig!
    Älskar dig!

  2. aaahhh, mmmm steak of deer. I like it!!!