April 23, 2010

jezzes, world's most grown up entry below...

I read. A lot. I have always been a happy reader and I thank my parents for that. In this world and age of time, reading is such a a great way to escape, to learn, to grow. And I truly feel that reading is the key for development and prosperity in this world. Reading can mean so much and it doesn't matter what you read. The oldest classics or the Twilight Saga, it's the actual fact of you reading that matters. That's why I, who usually loathe all these different kinds of World Something Days, actually appreciate World Book Day. If used to its fullest potential I think it can become something really great and it can inspire children to read. And that will trigger so many good things. Hopefully. In a perfect world at least.

So today is World Book Day, and this blog wants everyone to write about a book that has meant a lot to them. For me it has to be an author. It's really hard to pick just one book... I love strange books, the ones that you read and you read and you read and you want to give up on every page because it just doeesn't make sense, but somehow you keep reading. And in the end things just comes in to place and you feel relieved and a bit confused at the same time. Paul Auster writes books like that. Like the New York Trilogy or the Book Of Illusions or The Brooklyn Follies. Strange books. Beautiful stories.

So start reading a book today, please do. For world peace. And love. Or just because you're bored and have nothing else to do.. Just read.

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  1. Paul Auster hey? Kanske ska ge honom en chans då..