April 19, 2010


How qute aren't these salt and pepper shakers? I'll show you my bird collection some day..

I'm in the library and I'm seriously bored. Just finished writing a design brief and now I'm struggling with what to do next. Write a 1000 word essay on concrete. Or a refelctive journal on my thoughts on the industrial design revolution. It's like choosing between warm apples or eating a whole tomato without anything with it. Both makes me quiver.

Oh I so want all of these. On my window sill. In Sweden. With the late summer night sun beaming on them.

So instead I'll show you some pics from my vintage day on Saturday. The dress I found is gorgeous, even though Super Ivan says it's too short (It's definitely not too short.. I think he wants me to dress like a nun. All day. Every day. God forbid someone would ever find me sexy...) but I'm not showing it to you yet, na ah I'm not! I have to leave something a surprise. Right?

Bought the prettiest vintage jacket ever. Home sewn and everything! It goes very well together with the dress...

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