April 14, 2010

"i thought by now i could have figured it all out"

So yesterday my brother's girlfriend told me that the disgusting meat glue I wrote about the other day has already been voted through i Sweden. First I felt embarrased for my lack of knowledge. Second I thought, what the hell, I don't live in Sweden anymore I can't know it all. And then I felt disgusted and sad about the food industry of today. So I started baking cardamom buns. With all Australian, no additives, just r e a l ingridients, so I could feel a bit better. See that's my thing in life. I bake when I'm upset, or happy, or pissed off, or in love. And then I eat one. Maybe two. And then I give the rest away.

And I had one. And they were great if I might say so myself. And I can. Because it's my blog. I gave the rest away to Tobi and Ivan and then I went out for a run. Because I had eaten some dough and all of the lovely Salta S that Linda sent me 4 weeks ago but arrived yesterday (!). I love Salta S. And dough (dough is so much better than the finished product). The run was by far the best since I started running here in Oz. Whoooooosh was the sound I made.

Whooooosh. People. Whoooooosh is the sound I make.

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