April 10, 2010

mothers and boys. best ever.

My mother is by far the only person in the world who knows me the best. And I tell her everything. Well. Almost everything..

That's why I'm so happy that I know that when I get one of my panick attacks I can call her. And she calms me down.

And then when I can breathe again I go upstairs and the boys take care of me and give me chocolate and say that I shouldn't be sad because sad is stupid and I shouldn't complain because landscape architecture isn't a real subject and my ass is never gonna look as good as Ivan's.

That's what I need when I'm sad. My mom who can calm me down and the boys who can pick me back up again by making me laugh.


1 comment:

  1. Älskar dig!
    Skönt att bli jämförd med snygga, vältränade unga män - sånt gillar jag.
    Det jag inte förstod var vad du menar med NÄSTAN ALLT!