April 14, 2010

"he ain't heavy. he's my brother"

I would like to tell you about all of the important people in my life. First out is one of the people I love the most. My brother. Did you know he's the best brother ever? Well now you know.

There's a story I've never told anyone and it's about my brother as an angel. When I was 15 I was in a really bad skiing accident and almost died. When I was lying there in the hospital unconcious from the induced coma they had me in I had this dream that my brother was watching over me and he had this beautiful pink golden glow around him. Like an angel. And it kept me going. Because I could feel him there. In the room. And I think that kind of saved me right there and then. When I was better he sent me a letter to the hospital. The most beautiful letter anyone has ever written me. Every week for six months when I was doing my rehabilitation I read that letter and it made my cry every time. I still have it at home. In a blue folder with a white ribbon around it.

My brother is always on my side. Always. And he's funny. And smart. And a bit too nice to me, we have never had a single fight in our lives. (I so blame my bad boxing skills on him.) And he's always as happy as he looks on the picture. And he makes the best brunches in the world. With the best smoothies and eggs.

And in three weeks I'm going home to Sweden to be a part of the biggest day in his life. And it will probably be one of the happiest days in my life too. And I'm gonna cry. I know I will. Tears of the most beautiful happiness in the world. Does anyone know of a good waterproof mascara? It has to stand up to floods of salt water people. Floods.

Oh and I didn't manage to get a date for the wedding. Charlotta, how hard can it be to find a date? Just once? I'm an emabarrasment to all single females. I know. I'm sorry.



  1. I love you!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

    /your proad brother

  2. me too, me too! Och Patrik too!!
    Just reading your blog makes me cry - if I find the waterproof mascara of all timmes (cause Im gonna need it bad) do you want one too?

    Proud svägerska :D

  3. Åh va ni är fina. Annika, svar ja. Jag funderar alternativt på att inte ha nåt smink på mig alls i kyrkan, sätta på lite innan middagen för att sen torka av skiten igen när talen börjar...

  4. Gulligt!!!/ Anton