April 10, 2010

god i'm rambling. i know.

Because sometimes. When your best friends are hurting because boys treat them ill. Pretty things to look at keep me from crashing. You know those things that you can stare at for hours and just escape reality for a bit.

Because of those sometimes. When all I want to do is take the first flight to Edinburgh. To give a hug. To try and make things better. For those sometimes when I wish I'll never fall in love. Because it hurts so. I need beauty. And my camera.

For those times. I'm so happy I have my Nikon. So I can take pictures like these and find that it's the beauty of the world we live in and not anything else that keeps me afloat. It's a rusty frickin ship. (Haha. "Keeps me afloat" "Rusty ship" Oxymoron?) I know. But today I don't need much.



  1. Really, really cool photos. You have a talent!