April 20, 2010

"det kommer aldrig någonsin vara perfekt. hey"

Yesterday I had such an unusually good Monday. I made a big decision last night. And even though it feels a bit early to tell all of you about it I feel happy that the three engineers in my life, dad, Tobi and Ivan thinks it's a good idea. I'll tell you all about it later. When all arrangements have been made...

To celebrate my new future life I bought a pair of shoes for the wedding. At Nine West. Looove Nine West. Oh, if I could spend my life with a pair of shoes I think it would be these. They are utterly beautiful. I once saw a show about a woman who married a fence so it's not impossible that I will spend every waken moment with these red beauties. I've given up on men since like forever so I think loving a pair of shoes is not a bad substitution.

To follow up on my happiness from yesterday I'm spending this day listening to Swedish rap, baking olive bread and writing about industrial design history. And maybe dreaming a little about, Amsterdam. Or Rotterdam. Or Gothenburg. Who knows...

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  1. När skorna ser ut så där är det i vilket fall som helst upplagt för en livslång kärlekssaga!