April 9, 2010

"marikitaaaaa. singaporaaaa."

party in our room at the hostel. yes. you can stay under my umbrella.

ivan. frank. ferry. fraser island.

camping site. rocco the car. chair for $7.50.

obsession. pictures of my feet.

gah. sunset. romantic. no boyfriend.

sand. sand. sand.

lake wabby. go there or you have never lived at all.

tobi the undertaker. super ivan. haydon the boom.


sunset at champagne pools. oh why did i not stay?

What an absolutely wonderful week. One of the best ones ever. I'm so happy I have such amazingly fun friends. Haven't laughed this much in ages.

We first went to Noosa. Not the most exciting place on earth. Expensive and touristy. But we had fun at the hostel anyways. After that we went to Fraser Island. The largest sand island in the world. Oh guys. Go there. Now if you can.

It's beautiful=best place ever.
You can only drive 4x4=fun.
There's lots of wild dingos=exciting.
You can sleep in a tent=I love camping therefore you love camping.
The sunsets are breathtaking=Ivan and Tobi should be glad I'm not overly romantic cause I don't have a clue what could have happened tot them if I was...
There is just no reason not to go=go!

Oh. I hate being back.

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