April 17, 2010

"cause i'm dressed for success..."

Today is vintage-dress-shopping-day! I need to find a dress for the wedding you know. So I put on one of my favourite dresses, it's so much easier shopping if you feel pretty... And my handbag is packed with my nikon, snacks and money.

I'm going up to Paddington, the vintage Mecca of Brisbane and after I've found the dress of my dream (hopefully) I'm meeting up with sweet Haiku for lunch. It's gonna be a wonderful day. I can feel it in me bones.

Wanted to show you my new haircut and my favourite dress...

But I failed in my attempt of being a trendy fashion blogger. It feels weird taking photos of yourself.

And then my neighbour came out, and he looked at me like "What the hell are you up to? Freak." So I hurried back in again.

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