May 9, 2010

things i'm thinking about now:

- How much I want to bake bread, but can't. Decided on Friday. No more bread for a while.
- How I hate the design of my blog and wish for someone to make me a new one...
- How funny it must have looked like from the outside when Daniel and I broke in to Tobi's room in the search for his car keys.
- How sad I am for Tobi's sake that his car's gearbox is broken so he can't drive it and now the damn thing is leaking oil and our neighbour is threating to call the council if we haven't moved it by tonight.
- How much my back hurts but I wont complain because I don't complain any more.
- That I really, really, really have to pee but I just painted my nails so that wont happen for another 10 minutes or so.


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