May 7, 2010

7th of may

Today has been a perfect day of "how not to live your life if you plan on becoming 90 years old".

Woke up at 1.30. Didn't fall back asleep. Got up at 6. Still a fever. Had half a cup of yoghurt. Couldn't eat more. Too tired. Went to uni at 7.30. Forgot to eat lunch. Ooops. Had a class between 1 and 4 pm. Went birthday shopping for Veronica. Wanted to kill everyone who decided to go to Queen Street on a Friday afternoon. Came home at 5.30. Sat down on my bed. Fell asleep sitting. Woke up at 9.45 pm. Still no food. Boiled some instant noodles. Made me feel sick. Now thinking of throwing up. Or going for a walk.

Oh, lovely Friday. But I'm not complaining. It's the 7th of May. Remember?

One thing that's for sure is that I will probably not sleep again for many hours to come. A movie and some pepsi max anyone?

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