May 9, 2010

"it's like my ipod stuck on replay"

Fell asleep at 8.30 yesterday. 8.30! On a Saturday. I feel like a grandma. The feeling got worse five minutes after I woke up, Nick and David were singing outside my door. It was six in the morning and they were just coming back from The Valley. They promised me last night that they would serenade me with "my" song when they got back. My song is Replay by Iyaz. Wow that song is so not my style. But it sounds like he sings "Charlie's like a melody..." And not Shawty. That's why.

Anyway. You will feel like a grandma when you are already up after a good 9.5 hours of sleep and your housmates come home after a night of partying. Trust me. You will.


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