June 2, 2010

"vi ska till möja, supa, slåss och bråka"

I'm struggling a bit here. Planning on going to Cairns for 5 days. But all I can think about really is midsummer in Sweden with Emelie and Ullis. It's like I don't want anything else right now. Just Möja. But this whole Cairns thing. Should I? And should I go alone if ... doesn't come along? All these questions. No answers.

Anywhosers. Today Veronica, Ivan, Tobi and I had fish and chips at this place just around the corner from where we live. It won the award for the best fish and chips in Australia 2008. I'm no huge f&c fan but I wonder how it tasted in 2008 cause it definitely wasn't the best I've ever had.

Whatever, it will probably be another 10 years before I have another fish and chips so then I'll probably forgotten all about it and claim it was the best I've ever had. And after you are done wondering about why you keep reading my blog check this out. Funniest 5 seconds in a very long time.

Images: Hanna (who's not coming this year. Boring.) and Emelie (oh yeah, German boys if you read this, Emelie is one of the two cute single girls I was talking about today..) and I last time I spent midsummer on Möja, 2007.


  1. Tur att du inte ska slåss!
    Älskar dig!
    språkpolisen som alla på jobbet ber läsa sånt som ska publiceras men som själv gör tusen fel som hon inte ser

  2. Hahahaha! Att jag inte såg det..